March 2, 2010

Miss Match~Review

The book: Miss Match

The Author: Sara Mills

The company: Moody Publishers

This book is what I would definitely call a page turner. I really enjoyed it! Here's what it's about.

The story starts in New York when Allie Fortune, a private investigator, helps her best friend Jack O'Connor,who is an FBI agent, with a case that will prove to bring her face to face with her own past.

Maggie wrote to Jack for help. She had no one else she could trust her life and the life of her little girl with. She only hoped that Jack would come to the destroyed and military ran Berlin to help her. She knew her letter was unexpected after all these years, but she wouldn't give up hope that there was some way to save her little girl, the orphan that was now her own.

Jack would do anything to help Maggie, the woman he gave his heart to all those years ago. Allie was determined to keep Jack safe, but understood exactly how Jack felt. She had given her heart away years ago too, only to know that he was out there somewhere. But where?

I found this book to be so much more interesting than I expected. I have not read a real mystery book in some time. This book was a mystery book, but not the kind I was use to. It's not a who dun it book, but it's still what I would consider a mystery book. Then I found out that there is a second book called Miss Fortune. This made me so happy. I love finding a good series! I didn't expect it to lead to another book, so I was totally surprised. I don't know if more books are to come really making it a series, but I sure hope so!!!

I won a giveaway from Moody Fiction and received this book. I was not asked to do a review, but I really liked the book and wanted to tell the blogging world about it!


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