March 10, 2010

I am addicted!

How did I know I had a problem? Well let me tell you, I never would have said I was addicted until yesterday! I understand now that I truly have a problem. But do I really want help? I'm not to sure. I don't think I am ready to just give it up!

It all started yesterday when I was making Hubby some tea. I make a gallon at a time. He likes his tea! That is when I made the comment that even shocked me. I said "I wish I could just make Dr. Pepper like this." What? Did I really just say that? Yeap.

I am addicted to Dr. Pepper! I usually drink two a day. One with my noon meal and one with my evening meal. I cut back about 6 months or more ago to one a day. I have recently started running low on my Dr. Pepper and thought I would go a day with out it. I ate my noon meal with water like I do my evening meal now. The whole time I ate I was wanting something to drink and the water just wasn't doing it. About an hour later I had to break a can open. I couldn't help myself.

I know one a day is not going to kill me (I hope!), but now that I know I have a problem I feel like a crack addict. I don't want to give up my Dr. Pepper just yet! I guess just knowing I have a problem is one step in the right direction. I don't know what the future holds for my drinking habit. On the up side though is knowing I don't give Will any. He is a strictly juice, kool-aid, and sometimes milk man! (That's how I make myself feel better!)


  1. I've heard many a coke and pepsi drinker say this but never for Dr Pepper! a girl of distinguished taste!

  2. I'm like that with my Pepsi. I need to cut back more, but it's soooooo good!! LOL!

    ~ Jennifer

  3. I was that way with Dr. Pepper before I had the lapband in '08. I drank one a day, and how I miss it. I can't lie, Rich drank one a few weeks ago and I just took the cup from him to smell it - which just spurred the 'want' on further, but still. Man I love DP. *lol*

    I have resorted tod rinking more tea (and water, obviously), so I make atleast two gallons at a time - Rich is a big tea drinker.

  4. LOVE me some DP!!! I have switched to diet though....hips just can't handle all those calories!