March 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday~Busyness

This week has been filled with lots to be thankful for. We have been able to spend time with so many of our family members this past week. I am thankful to even live around some of our family. I am also thankful for new friends. We are all healthy and happy. That is something to always be thankful for. And the most resent thing I have to be thankful for is an answer to my prayers on a new pet. We have the sweetest and most amazing pet that fits in with our family.

All this has made me so busy this week. Without busyness my life would be very dull. I have been running around potty training a new dog, visiting with family and friends, cleaning everything in our home to keep us healthy, cooking, keeping up with my Bible studying, and soooo much more. Being busy has made me thankful when I get time to myself to just relax and reflect on the day and week.

Thank you Lord for the best kind of busyness I could ever ask for!

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  1. The best kind of busy-ness! I agree! God bless you!

  2. Isn't it interesting how something that normally doesn't make us happy, like busyness, still helps us see how wonderful our lives are and how much we DO have to be thankful for?! I love it when God works that way!