March 22, 2010

I Want This For Charlot!

My weekend has been crazy! I have had such a hard time with Charlot's potty training. I think it is harder to train her than it was to potty train Will! On top of that my carpet shampooer is not working right. This has made me so upset. The time I really need it. It is about 6 or so years old though.

What put it all over the top is that I think I may be just a little allergic to her. I haven't broke out in hives or anything, but every time she touches my skin on my face or arms (which is exposed) I start to itch. My allergies are already in overdrive with the pollen and crazy weather we have been having anyway. I won't let this keep me from playing with her though.

I just hope the potty training gets done soon!!! I am overreacting a little. You have to understand I am very OCD about my floors and house being clean. She is doing very well compared to some. For having her a week yesterday, she only uses it in the house once or twice a day. She did get in the trash one day and totally destroyed our cell phone charger yesterday. She was almost shipped off for the last one by Hubby when he found out. LOL! He cooled off now! She isn't going anywhere!

I would LOVE to win this for her though!

On The Search For Hidden Treasures is giving away a package of toys that are all handmade and machine washable from Pittadorpets. It ends March 25. I think she would really like them. I hope I win!!!!

This is the only toys she has now. She likes the purple one, but not so much the hamburger one. Will picked that one out and he plays with it more than she does.


  1. Thanks for the post! Go to she made my dog daipers and they are wonderful! I WILL NEVER TRAIN A DOG without them again!!! No reason at all to have pee all over your floor and they will get to know that when you take it off is when it's time to go (until they are trained). We still keep our mail dog in one at night (a belly band) to remind him not to mark the house just becasue we are asleep. I don't think he needs it anymore but it's for my sanity to know he'll be good. Good luck!

  2. I hope things get better and you find a solution.((((Hugs))))Darcy