March 26, 2010

Eyes, Teeth, and Trucks oh my!

Yesterday was a busy day for us. I had a dental appointment for Will. He was referred to a new dentist for the cavities on the outside of some of his teeth. Well that was a wast of time. I didn't like this dentist from the moment we walked in. First they gave us the wrong address (you would think they knew their own address). Then the placed smelled so bad. Like chemicals you would use to clean a nursing home. When we got in the office and filled out the paperwork I looked at the cartoon they had playing in the lobby. My word, it was not age appropriate at all!!! Hubby enjoyed it though. (Boys and jokes about bathrooms and such! I will never understand!) We waited forever! They even took kids in that came after us!!! When we finally go in a room the nurses where soooooo not children people. Will is only 3! You can't make him sit in a big crazy looking chair then tell him his Mommy couldn't be with him! They told him to be a big boy! Oh no!!! Mommy ended up in the chair with him. Then they had the same cartoon on in the room, and ignored me when I mentioned that I am sure they could change it! What really got to me was how quickly they referred me to a pediatric dentist when my 3 year old didn't willingly let them touch him!

I am hot just thinking about it!!!

At least Hubby and I got to go to the eye doctor that day and find out everything was good with us. I am still almost legally blind, but contacts can still help. Hubby found out his eyes are now equal and only needs one prescription on contacts for both eyes.

We where nervous about this eye doctor because he was new to us too. Our old one doesn't take our new insurance. But, this doctor was great!

When we got home Hubby started working on his truck. He is going to get off work early today and finish fixing it (hopefully!). Our day was long yesterday and I have a feeling it will be a long one today too. I have some bills to pay and grocery shopping to do now:( I hate knowing how much money we don't have!

On the up side: Charlot was left in the house for about 8 1/2 hours yesterday and didn't have any accidents or tear anything up!!! Progress!!!!

I hope everyone else has a great day though!

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  1. WoW on that dentist. I hope you find one that you're comfortable with!