March 29, 2010

Our Weekend!

Our weekend was a busy one. Seams like every day around here has been busy lately!

I took Will to a birthday party at a park Saturday. He did have a blast! He played for 3 1/2 hours and didn't want to leave. The wind was picking up though and it was getting cold. He got to sleep all 60 minutes home though.

Here are a few pictures of him at the park and the party.

Ok, I have pictures but for some reason blogger is acting up and won't show them for you! Sorry!!

Sunday He had a blast at Children's Church. I am so glad he likes it. He has now been asking more questions about God and Jesus and the devil. I don't know if I am answering in a way to make him understand, but I try. He has also wanted a "God story" every night. I read to him from a children's Picture Bible. It's not the best, but it's what I have at the moment. I read it to him then try to explain it better in a way he understands. I don't think they had 3 year olds in mined when the made that Bible (which was mine when I made my First Communion).

Today has been a day spent with Mom and Dad. Hubby is off today because he is on shift work now. He starts nights tomorrow night. So, Will is having fun with both of us today! It is a beautiful day outside, so we are spending a lot of the day in the yard. We also have friends coming over later with their children.

I hope every one's week starts as well as ours has!


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