March 27, 2010

Do You Need Something?

Apparently some people feel that I am only worth anything when I am useful to them.

Do you have those friends or people in your family that only call you when they need you to do something for them? I do! It always bothers me when they call. As soon as I see their number come up on my phone I think "I wonder what they need from me now!" or "What do you want now!" I hate thinking that way, but I am always right.

I want to know why they don't call me to just see how I'm doing? I call them occasionally to make sure they are still ok! Is their lives just to hectic to fit me in anymore? I don't know what to do. I want to just write them off and never speak to them again, but my Christan side is screaming "No Don't Write Them Off!" So, like a good little slave girl I do what they ask. Let me tell you it makes me HOT inside though!!!

As Hubby so well explained it to me, he said "Joshlin, do you really think they are just doing it to you?" My answer, "Well......I didn't think about it before, but no. They are probably doing it to almost everyone they know." Does this make me feel any better. Not really, but now I know it's not about me. They are just users and do it to others to. I am not being targeted.

This still bothers me though. Today I will be going to a birthday party so that my son can play with the other kids, not just because I was invited out of shame because they haven't called or seen us since the early December! I am sure I was only invited because my sister-in-law suggested that they text us and invite us or they would hurt our feelings.

By the way I think of a text invite as a "I just invited everyone in my phone book! If you don't come I will not really care or I would have personally called!"

I am in such a bad and unthankful mood today. This is the second call I got form on of my "I only call when I need something" family!

Time to go do some Bible studying!!!!

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  1. Oh hun I couldnt agree more. Sometime's I feel like the world is so caught up in themself's they forget to love and be considerate. Hang in there.