December 31, 2010

Boobie Holder Search!

Yesterday I went on a search for a new boobie holder (a bra).  All you ladies know how hard it is to find a good boobie holder.  I hate shopping for one!  I normally don't have many to start with, so when my favorite one broke a few days ago I had to go out and find another one. 

My son use to love to go in the ladies underwear department.  He even liked Victoria's Secret.  He would ride in the buggy or walk through yelling "boobies" and trying to touch all the bras he could.  Now that he is 4 year old, he goes with Daddy while Mommy shops for "her stuff". 

At 4 he is so funny about all this.  A few months ago, he was in the bathroom putting on his p.j.s when he  said "Mommy, I see your boobies!"  I'm looking down at myself to make sure I'm dressed.  Yes, I was.  So, how did he see my boobies?  Oh, I had my bra hanging up to dry!  Silly boy! He really thought they were my boobies.  After wiping the tears from my eyes from laughing, I had to explain that Mommy's boobies don't come off.  That was just Mommies boobie holder. 

I don't know if he understands, but that was all the detail I was going into.  ((sigh))  If only I could take them off and put on a new pair anytime I feel like it.  Oh well.  God gave me these and I really do like them.  We'll see in another 10 years if I'm singing the same tune. LOL!

(I decided this post needed no pictures! You can thank me in the comment section.)


  1. OMG! Too funny. I suppose it makes sense that your boobies are in your bra.
    Did you get fitted when you bought your new bra or just got it yourself? I high recommend getting fitted for a bra at least once in your life. You would be amazed at the difference. Its a treat every woman should give herself.
    Thank you for not posting a picture of your bra. *tee hee*

  2. I got it myself. I have always wanted to be fitted, but I am frugal and to be fitted and get a really nice bra is out of my budget. Maybe one day though!

  3. Hi Joshlin! - I am so glad to see you on line again! I thought I sent you a message when I changed my name, sorry about that. Your blog looks really great, glad to be back in things! Happy New Year!