December 6, 2010

The Fresh Air Fund

Have you ever herd of The Fresh Air Fund?  I hadn't until I got an email one day. 

My son gets so much fresh air, that I get tired of fresh air. LOL! He loves playing outside. It cold be hot or cold, he is begging to go outside. 

I never knew that there were some kids that didn't get to play outside.  In New York City they have The Fresh Air Program that gets kids out in the fresh air.  It serves more than 300 youngsters in middle and high school opportunities to go on weekend retreats and do job shadowing.  In the summer they even do two-week trips to the country to visit and volunteer.  They have fund camps in upstate New York to make unforgettable memories.

The Open Air Fund is looking for donations to help keep the programs they offer alive.  $10 will send one child on a bus ride to his or her Friendly Town host family, $24 will provide a child with a week of swimming lessons,  $42 provides a day of Career Awareness classes, and so on.  You get the point.  This gets expensive, that's why they are looking for donations.  If you can help, please visit them at The Fresh Air Fund!


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