December 15, 2010

To Be So Lazy.......

Dogs have the best life!  A dog gets fed, petted, and has a warm and loving family to take care of them.  At least our dog does.  She is our fur baby after all! 

Here is a picture of her getting ready for bed.  She is in her bed (which is in our room) at about 8:00 or 9:00 every night.  She loves her sleep!

This year I was so excited to get her an ornament for the tree.  This is her first Christmas with us and as a member of the family, she had to have her own ornament.  I was lucky enough to win this beautiful Lenox ornament from Nichol over at Kiddies Corner Deals!

This made our Christmas that much more special!


  1. Sleepy girl. She is adorable. What kind of dog is she? I love the ornament! I'm debating about getting one for our "First Christmas" However, we will be sharing it with Mr. B's brother. So OUR means more than us. *lol*

  2. She is half basset hound and half beagle. We think she was a year old in August. We rescued her and made her part of our family.

    You should sooo get an ornament for your first year! It is somthing that will bring back memmories every time you take it out and put it up on your tree!

  3. Thanks so much for mentioning me and congrats on winning:) She is adorable!

  4. She looks so cute. Our dog keeps laying on the crocheted Christmas tree skirt. He thinks it's his own personal afghan. (never mind that he already has 7 other little blankets and quilts scattered in the living room.) He wants another one! He's 15 and a half now ...can't get up on the beds anymore so we just give in to him on most things. We know we won't have him much longer so try to appreciate him and love him.....not scold him too much when he is being an ornery little cuss!