December 23, 2010

Is He Really A Bad Boy?

Like most children, my son has been told over and over Santa is watching.  Does this change his behavior? No!  He knows MeeMaw is watching too, and will still get him something for Christmas.  He then dared to ask me "Who else is getting me something for Christmas?"  This way he didn't have to relie on Santa.  Little Brat!

As a mother, I always think my little boy is bad.  Not bad to the point of military school is in his future, but bad as in every little boy is bad.  I find that some kids you can look at and know they are trouble makers.  I know this isn't fair, but that is how I feel.  First impressions are hard to shake.

I cut my son's and husband's hair myself, and always worry about Will's hair.  He is fair with freckles and blond hair.  I worry about cutting it too short and having him look like one of those "bad" kids.  So, I always leave the front long.  Well, I got a new clipper set.  One I saw reviewed on another blog and just had to have.

I deiced it may be time to cut Will's hair like the instructions say.  So, I used the longest attachment and held my breath......  The first cut took sooooooooo much hair off!  I thought I was going to black out.....  Then remembered to breath again!....  Ok, I could do this.  It would grow back.  Right?  Sure it would.

After the dead was done, it didn't look as bad as I though.  It looked like I took him to the beauty shop.  It just didn't look like my little boy.  My baby boy.  My good little boy.  Instead, he looked like one of those kids that was good most of the time, but you could see he had a bad little boy side.  Oh well.  It's time everyone should know that he isn't always sweet. 

Here is a picture of his new hair cut.

Hubby just got the same cut he always gets.  A lot like the cut I was giving Will before.  Short in the back and long in the front.  He was happy with his cut.  I was happy with my new clipper set.  It is color coded and works great! I LOVE it.  Merry Christmas to me! (Really, that was most likely my Christmas gift!)


  1. You go girl! It looks great. I'm so glad you are not looking into military schools. *lol*
    The color coding is a neat thing. I'm sure that makes it much easier to cut the way you want.

  2. My 3 year old is BAD BAD BAD! My son who is 8 is an angel:) It gets better it really does. Love the Wahl clippers as well. Great gift. Happy holidays to you and your family!

  3. He looks great... you did a good job girl.. Merry Christmas..