December 16, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

Today is my Husband's Birthday!  A wonderful day to share with him!  Now that we have a family our birthdays are that much more special.  We love to celebrate birthdays together.

I am so thankful for my wonderful Husband God has so graciously given me.  He is a wonderful person!  He has shown me how to give more of myself and to share what we have an abundance of.  He is a great father and loves his family so much.  Today we will be spending the day doing things he likes to do.  We are going out to eat at his favorite place (Buffalo Wild Wings) and doing whatever else he wants.  We may go visiting friends or just spend time together as a family.

I wanted to share with you all a picture that struck me as so amazing.  My Husband put his shoes down in the spot and about 2 hours later my son was told to take of his shoes.  He placed his right next to his Daddy's shoes.  (Both pair were not in the correct spot, but looked so darn cute)  Will loves his Daddy and wants to be just like him!

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  1. A wonderful husband truly is a blessing!

  2. That IS a sweet picture. It's not a picture that you would just naturally show at family functions. Yet, it's a picture that warms a mommas heart. :)

  3. Happy Birthday to the Mr.! I hope he enjoyed his birthday out.
    The shoe picture is adorable. I love that you pointed out they were not in the correct spot. I picture you looking at them and going Awww. Grabbing the camera. Finally, yelling for them to both put their shoes away.

  4. It's those tiny moments that always strike my heart the most. Creates instant perspective, I think. :-) Happy TT!