December 28, 2010

The Christmas Spirit is Alive!

Most people take down their trees, turn off the twinkle lights, and pack everything back up as soon as the last gift is unwrapped and guest all leave.  I don't get it.....I just don't.  You spend all this time building up to Christmas.  You go out and buy the perfect gifts, hang all your decorations, deck out your tree, put out your antique nativity sets, light up your yards, and all for only a few weeks. 

I celebrated Christmas just like everyone else, but still have everything out and our tree is still glowing.  We are still celebrating Jesus's birth.  The angels sang and the star above Bethlehem glowed brightly for more than one night. 

I am so happy to see houses still light up around town.  We ventured to a larger town a few days ago and on our way home, my heart sang to see all the homes still glowing with Christmas lights.  I think it means more to me after Christmas day is over and gone to see those lights, than it did in the weeks leading up to Christmas.  Last night I warned Hubby that the tree would be up for a little longer.  He was fine with it.  He never mentioned anything about taking it down before, but I felt the need to share my need for celebrating a little longer with him.  He always seems to amaze me with his understanding.

As for our Christmas day celebrations, they went great.  I got to be with most of all of our family at different times through out the day.  The only down fall was Christmas morning, when Will discovered Santa had visited.  I expected the big happy dance and cheering.  What I got was a child who just looked around and felt satisfied with what he was given, but not extremely excited.  What a let down:(  Charlotte came to the rescue though.  She was beyond excited, and made up for all Will was lacking when she found out Santa left her a "lovey" (a brown bear) and a knotted up rope for her in her stocking.  She jumped around and did her doggy dance of excitement!  My fur baby made my heart feel good! 

I think we have officially decided that Will is spoiled and now is the time to change some of that.  No longer will he be able to talk me into a toy at the store or Daddy into candy at the gas station.  I will hold my ground, Daddy will be the one to cave.  I just know it.  Charlotte will be getting more toys soon though:)


  1. I think that is nice that you keep Christmas up longer. I think that it if makes you feel good, do it. There are no rules as far as when they need to come down.
    It must have been hard to not have Will get all excited about Santa. I think a child waking up and finding Santa has come must be fun to watch normally.
    Go fur child, go fur child!

  2. We keep our tree up till New Year's usually. I agree with you, I feel like we take so much time and put so much thought into putting it up and then rush to get rid of it as quick as the day has passed.

    Sorry Will wasn't more excited. Eli wasn't over the moon either....spoiled brat! :) He actually said that I must not have mailed his letter to Santa cause he got the "wrong" dinosaur. Thankfully, I just laughed at him. Kids!