December 7, 2010

Who needs a Pillow Pet when I can Make One!!!!!

Will wanted a Pillow Pet of his own for a while.  He liked the dog.  I planned on getting him one, but Hubby didn't think it was such a good idea.  He thought is was a wast of money.  When talking about it one day, he asked me why I didn't just make him a Pillow Pet myself. 

Good question!  I started looking for patterns, and don't you know I found one.  I am a crocheter and found the perfect crochet pattern for a Hound Pillow.

It took me a good 2 months (I took my time), but it came out sooooo cute!  I gave it to Will after he got his 4 year old booster shots.  He loved it!  It stays in his bed and sleeps with him every night.  He even named him.  His Hound Pillow's new name is Max!  Here is a picture for you so you can tell me what a great job I did in the comments=)


  1. He is so cute!! I'll bet he is nice to snuggle up too. Are you going to make more? Have you thought about selling them?

  2. Awwww he is adorable, great job!! ou should seriously make these and sell them on Etsy, too cute!

  3. Girl you get more and more amazing with the things you crochet. If you are up to making another one for a profit of course. I know a sweet lil girl I could give it to. Let me know.