December 3, 2010

Jingle Bells...Jingle Bells...Jingle All The Way.....

Right now my son is in love with the Jingle Bells song.  He sings it all day long.  If we turn on the radio he wants to hear it.  But, that ok!  I much rather him sing the real Jingle Bells than what he was singing before.

A few days ago, Hubby and I looked at each other in horror!  Horror, because Will was singing the version of Jingle Bells which has been playing on the tv commercials.  This meant we where letting him watch way too much tv and that Christmas was slowly being turned into a commercial holiday for more people.  If our son was singing this song, how many other children where singing it?  How many of those kids where going to grow up to never really know the REAL meaning of Christmas?

It didn't take us long to teach him the correct version of Jingle Bells!  As the days have gone by, we have discussed Christmas and what it really means.  We put up the nativity set together and talked about it all the while.  We know Will is going to remember and that he does understand, but so many other children don't.  A few weeks ago, I asked the children in my Sunday School Children's Church class if they could tell me what Christmas was all about.  The very first answer I got was "Santa comes to your house and brings you presents!".  I know they are still young, but lets all take the time to teach our children about the birth of our savior Jesus Christ!  Will you be reading the Christmas Story out of your Bible with your family this year?  I sure will!

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  1. Good for you.. At least he was understandable when you taught him the correct version.