December 29, 2010


As you all know, I like to enter giveaways and love winning them even more.  A while back I was lucky enough to win a great "Make Your Own Gummies" kit from Melissa over at Your Fun Family.

I saved this fun little kit and Will was surprised with it on Christmas morning.  It was a great stocking stuffer and he loves any DIY project.  Having it be edible was a bonus to him! LOL!

A few days ago he finally talk me into making his gummies when I had an extra hour or so.  I was surprised to find out that the gummies didn't include any gelatin.  They are made with natural see weed.  See weed has something in it that acts as gelatin.  It is better than gelatin because it can be reused over and over by heating it up.  This way we where able to make more than one plate of gummies.  He had a blast doing it, but I sure am sure he only had one kit.  (I did most of the work.  And even though it was edible, it still didn't compare with candy form the store.)

Now he is breaking my head to play with the moon sand kit he got.  It is a little cold and windy outside still, and he is not allowed to play with it in the house.  (Too much of a mess!)  He has been playing nonstop with his new play-doh package though.  It's a puppies package.  He has been making play-doh puppies every day.  Good think they are play-doh.  I would hate to have to feed and train all those puppies.


  1. Who knew you could make gummies at home? What will they come up with next?
    Suggest to Will that he make puppy food with his play doh to feed his puppies.
    Have a great day!

  2. I have to admit the gummy kit sounds like fun to me and I am over 40. Maybe I need a new hobby? Sounds like you had a very fun Christmas! :)