January 18, 2010

Big Foot!

I have found Big Foot! I think he has taken over my son. How else could this be explained?

About 2 months ago I got Will new clothes. Shoes where included. Well, he started walking a little funny the last few days. He kept saying his leg hurt. When I asked if it was his leg or his foot he would then say his foot. Finally, after many times of taking off his shoe to make sure no army men, rocks, or other things where in them, I sucked it up and admitted that he has already outgrown his shoes.

My I remind you that these shoe are the light up Lightning McQueen shoes he just had to have and cried over when they didn't have his size. So, I frantically searched until I found them! NOW I HAVE TO FIND ANOTHER PAIR!!!!! This is getting so frustrating.

Today I will be spending my day looking for his new shoes. Please wish me luck in finding a pair that doesn't cost me an arm and a leg! I need both arms and legs to keep up with him:) He is in a size 10. I have a feeling I will be getting a size 12 for a 3 year old. My gosh!!!! That makes him sound so big!!!!!!!!!


  1. Can you imagine 3 boys growing out of their shoes all the time...between the food they consume and the shoes and clothes they out grow...I am gonna be so broke for a while LOL! Hope you find the light up ones!!

  2. it is amazing how fast they grow!