January 19, 2010

That "New" Smell

I told all about my cell phone taking a good bath in the washing machine last week, and my little big foot shoe search yesterday. Well, today we have both new phones and shoes.

I searched the mall, the used cell phone shoppes, eBay, Walmart, and finally the AT&T store. I think I made the best deal on the phone I picked out. I ended up getting it for FREE "with a 2 year contract". I don't mined signing a new contract. AT&T is the best cell phone company in our area.

As you can guess, Hubby's phone decided to stay charged for only a few hours a day after it met my new fancy red phone. So, Hubby got a new phone too. We picked the same phone. Its a Samsung Flight.

I say fancy, but it's not really. Its fancy for me! I am a "simple as you can get it" cell phone girl. I only need to call out, get calls, and a camera (for all those great pictures of my little man). This phone has lots more. I guess I will just have to get use to technology getting smarter than me:)

Will got new shoes too! He LOVES his CARS shoes and would take no other. I had to find him a new pair that had CARS too! I finally found one in his size. The only thing is that they don't light up. He was ok with that. He realized he had to choose between light up shoes and CARS shoes. Of course the CARS on them was way more important in his eyes. The best part was they only cost $16.00. I found them at Walmart. They had some so cute girl CARS shoes too!

I don't know how people do it with more than one kid. This one costs a ton. I don't think I could do it with more. I know I would find a way, but I can just imagine the money spent on clothes, shoes, and food on three or four kids. WOW! I pray for you all! Kids are not cheep! Especially when they just have to have shoes with their favorite character, but grow out of them in 2 months, and will only wear those shoes unless you find another pair like them.


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