January 7, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful today for my home. No it's not the nicest one on the road, nor is it the one people pass by and say "I wish that was my home." I love it thought because it is mine and so many people don't have a home. Some rent all their lives, some live with family, and some are even homeless.

This house was built about 40 years ago and then was added on to about 15 years ago. I got it in 2003 and it will be totally paid for in 2013. I am so close I can taste it! Since it became my home I have done a little remodeling, but really only what was needed. Will's room has the biggest makeover and the kitchen got some much needed TLC, but still really could use more. The living room also got some TLC, but we really need to do away with the "false" fire place. What was the point of that? REALLY!

So yesterday I did my own winter proofing to my home. I'm no Mrs. Fix It that's for sure, but I do what I can. Last year I tackled the doors. I put weather stripping in them where needed. Yesterday I rolled up my sleeves and got my caulk gun ready. Two windows in my house badly needed this. It worked, even if it didn't look all that great. Who'll go looking anyway?

I also wanted to put that foam stuff around a pipe we have outside, but couldn't find any so I wrapped it with an old set of jeans hubby can't wear anymore due to overuse and failure of the material. Duck Tape works wonders too. By the weekend we will have temperatures in the teens. I had to do something.



Now why exactly is that pipe so tall? You got me. I got the house as is. This has just not been in our priorities to cut it lower and put a real handle on it. We just use a pair of pliers to turn it on and off. Yes we are a bit white trash when it comes to fixing thing up. We have no choice....money is tight. After 2013 a lot will change. The house will be paid for and we will put more money into it. But for now......

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