January 6, 2010

Strings and Sunsets

It is amazing what an imaginative 3 year old can come up with. I had some leftover yarn from the last blanket I did, and Will wanted it.

He loves tow trucks, which he calls "hooker trucks". He decided to make his remote control truck pull his John Deer tractor. He needed the string to make his remote control truck into a hooker truck.

After lots of tries, and lots of tangling he finally asked for help. Hubby tied the string so it wouldn't come off and away he went. He loved it. I didn't think that the little truck would pull the tractor, but it did. He then wanted to go outside with it to pull it in the driveway. Hubby has a remote control Jeep, so they played together for a while.

Here is the sunset at the end of the day. It was just a perfect ending to the fun we had just had.

(By the way the string had to be eventually cut off the truck and tractor. He got it back in the house and tangled it so bad cutting it was the only way to get it off! Boys!)


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