January 22, 2010

The Craziest Thing!

I have to tell you all about the craziest thing ever. I checked the mail yesterday and found that Hubby got an envelope with just a return address and no name. When we opened it it had a $5.00 gift card in it from Academy! No note or anything else was in it. We didn't even know who it was from.

So, I did some research on the address. It was the Academy in Katy, TX. We live in Louisiana. We never go to Katy, TX. I was stumped. I even called that Academy and they didn't know what to tell me.

Finally late last night laying in bed it dawn on me. I signed us up for the Academy Birthday Club. Hubby had a birthday in December. That had to be it.

So, if you want your $5.00 gift card for your birthday (or about a month after) you can sign up here. All you do is subscribe to their emails and you will get a gift card in the mail for your birthday.

You can go here to sign up. I would like to thank Freebies for Mom for this tip!


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