January 11, 2010

Struggles and Failures in the Cold!

As you all know I have been struggling with the cold winter months of this year. I thought I was prepared. I thought I could just stay in my nice warm house, under a nice warm blanket, on my nice warm couch.

Well, I didn't get to do those things. I was out in the cold most of the time this weekend! Friday morning Hubby informed me he was freezing his legs off at work. We got him a nice warm jacket but nothing for his legs. So Saturday morning (after we got all the ice off the truck) we took a trip to Walmart about 25 miles away. We got him something for under his pants and then met with his Mom and Step Dad for lunch at Pizza Hut. (They have that awesomely great deal with any size pizza and any crust and toppings for just $10.00.)

We made it home and Hubby tried on his new pants. They were way too big. So off to town to a local store that had some in a cheaper name brand. We got home with them, and saw that we had way too much water under our house that wasn't there before.

A pipe under our house busted (Our house is off the ground because of flooding here). This was not good!!! Hubby found the problem and searched for the stuff he needed to fix it. On Saturday everything closes around noon here, and we didn't want to make another trip to Walmart or a lumber yard.

He found a few parts and started putting it all back together only to realize that the pipe was splintered a good ways under the house and he couldn't fix it with what he had. On top of that he was socking wet and cold. (My ears rang with all the bad words he used at this moment!)

We did a lot of looking and calling around for a cap to just cap it off. Finally we decided we needed to go to the lumber yard a get one. (By this time it was 5:40 pm and the lumber yard closed 6:00 pm. We would never make it!) Hubby's Step Dad saved the day by going for us, since he lived closer and I just picked it up from him. Now by the time I got back with the parts and we went outside again to fix it it was around 7:30 or so.

Sunday morning I didn't go to church because of all the ice. I was a little bummed about that. Then Hubby tried on his new pants we had just got him and they riped from the wast band. Plus they were way to small. (Sight!) We would have to make another trip to Walmart anyways.

So since Will only has one set of long underwear, I raced to wash them with some of my clothes to make a full load. As they were well on their way of being dried is when I realized a horrible event had taken place.....I washed my cell phone in with the clothes!!!!! I hadn't taken it out of my pocket after coming in from fixing the pipe the night before.

If anyone know where I can get a cheep cell phone let me know. I will not pass up a good used one either.

All in all we our weekend was long, cold, and not that great! On top of it all we spend almost every last dime we had on all these problems. Even the money I had tried to set aside for later:( I really hope everyone Else's weekend was better than mine! I had a few more problems, but why add them here to this already really long post you already stoped reading.


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