January 31, 2010


We all like a little spice in our life sometimes. Well, I found the best way to add that little bit of that needed spice. Its just enough, but not to much. Be careful though, too much will cause lots of regret later down the road. What is this bit of spice you ask.

Its Spice Cake! (What did you thinking it was:)

Will and I made a great spice cake. It was so good, and just what we needed! Thank goodness that Hubby likes spice cake too. If not I could have gained another 5 lb in the next day or so. Will is an icing kid more than a cake kid. So, he eats the icing off and leaves the cake.

This is a few pictures of Will helping me. He helped mix the cake, spread the icing, and according to him, we NEEDED sprinkles. He helped add those too!

I started babysitting a few days a week and this was Will's Day. He wanted to make a cake. So, when we had a day with just me and him we made this wonderful cake. It is soooo good, you don't even know! We had a lot of fun making it too!


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