January 2, 2010

Did You Get Any Great Deals?

I would like to talk about all the great deals out there. Every store I went to or passed by had things on sale. Did you get any good deals out of the end of the year sales? I didn't, but I really didn't need anything I saw on sale. I wasn't the lucky one to find the great Hoover Floor Mate on sale:( That's what I wanted. My second hand one broke right before Christmas.

I did see a lot of those Christmas gifts some got, on sale for more than half off. I am so glad nothing I gave for Christmas was on sale later. That would have made me hot. Knowing I paid way to much for something that obviously was not worth what I paid! It makes me wonder why they would mark it up so much knowing they would have to show their hand after Christmas was over. I think if I paid 75% more than what an item was worth before Christmas, that I would think twice about shopping there again.

Moving on I want to know about those great deals everyone (besides me) scored!!!! What did you get supper cheap? Ooh...Was it that Kathy bag? Or was it that great pair of shoes you have been dieing for? Let me know so that I can be happy for someone! I didn't get anything:( My Hoover Flore Mate is still in the stores:(


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