January 8, 2010

Burrrrrr...and Miracle baby

Today is a very very cold day here in Louisiana. We aren't use to all this cold weather. Yes it gets cold here, but its a wet cold. The humidity is always high making the cold even colder, but to be below freezing for a few days in a row, with the humidity. Burrrr!

I am in my house with my little boy, warm and snug. Today will be a day filled with cartoons, blankets on the couch, and crocheting for me. I only wish Hubby wasn't freezing his but off at work! I feel bad for him. Tomorrow we will go get him something to keep his legs warm. We thought we were prepared, but that's the one thing we didn't think of.

I hope our electricity stays on, since we have an all electric house. The news said they would be prepared too. At the moment my feet are big blocks of ice. I never can get my feet warm. Hubby said my blood just doesn't flow too well. I don't know. I have always been that way.

Well, I am off to watch Max and Ruby! I hope everyone else is as warm and comfy as us!

Oh on a side note: My friend that I am making a baby blanket for had her baby yesterday. She was 4 lb 7 oz. They say she is so small she fits in a shoe box:) Their miracle baby is healthy and beautiful.


  1. I have the same cold feet and it is cold here more than 1/2 the year (in my opinion!)

    I love this one:
    The colder the x-ray table the more of your body is required on it

    It reminds me of the cold baby scales my children were weighed on at the doctor's office. They all screamed!