January 4, 2010

Dear Tree....

Here is a letter to my Dear Christmas Tree.

My Dear Christmas Tree,

I miss you already. It has only been an hour since your twinkly lights and green branches graced my living room. You protected our gifts so well. You have all my Christmas joy wrapped with you in your plastic box. I can't wait to bring you out next year. (sigh) A year seems so far away. I enjoyed putting you up this Christmas more than last. You had decorations dripping from every branch now that Will is taller and allowed us to help decorate you. You help my family memories one each beautiful branch. As I took off each ornament, I was reminded of where each one came from and why it meant so much to me. Will still sings Christmas songs and tells me he missed you too. It was a sad occasion for us all the day you came down. We will wait with heavy hearts until we see you again next year.

With all our Love,

The Spears Family


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